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While this summer has been fairly mild when it comes to box office openings, most blockbusters only garnering between $50-60 million in their first weekend, the season did start out with a bang thanks to Fast Five. Raking in an impressive $86 million in its debut, the film was not only the biggest opener in the franchise, but with a $207 million domestic gross it is also the top earner overall. Needless to say there is plenty of excitement over Fast and the Furious 6 - the film received high marks both from critics and fans, with a 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.6 on IMDb - and now we know when that particular sequel will hit theaters.

Deadline has learned that Fast & Furious 6 (it's unclear if that's the project's official title) will officially drop on May 24, 2013. Part of the Memorial Day weekend, it's a curious move as most franchises try to replicate dates where they've had previous success (Example: Marvel movies Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Thor all came out on the first week of May in 2008, 2010, and 2011, respectively). As reported back in April, prior to the release of Fast Five, Chris Morgan, who has scripted the last three sequels, has already been hired to write the script.

In other release date news, Deadline has also learned that the Robert Schwentke-directed comic book adaptation R.I.P.D. has been given a June 28, 2013 drop date. In the movie Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges star as a dead cop and gunslinger who investigate crimes of the deceased. The script was written by Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay and is described as a "supernatural comedy," though one can guess that they'll be quite a bit of action involved as well.

It's a strange world we live in, isn't it? We're only about half way through summer 2011 and Hollywood is already prepping their blockbusters for 2013. At least it means their probably going to put as much time as they can into making the films great.

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