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Rock of Ages has been shooting in Florida for weeks now, as evidenced by director Adam Shankman's frequent tweets and photos from the set. But it's apparently not too late for them to add a new cast member, and a character entirely new to the story that started as a Broadway musical. Also, if they need to defuse a bomb on the set, they've probably found the right guy too. THR reports that the man formerly known as MacGruber, Will Forte will b enjoining the cast to be playing Mitch Miley, a local news anchor who somehow gets wrapped up in the plot that revolves around a Sunset Strip rock club at the height of the hair metal 80s.

Personally I see this as a perfect opportunity for Forte to bring back his blond MacGruber mullet wig-- they were totally in back then!-- but given how few people actually saw the MacGruber movie, that might not be exactly what Shankman has in mind. Forte will be joining a cast that already includes an insane number of big names, from Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin to Paul Giamatti, Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Diego Gonzalez Boneta, the newcomer who is actually one of the major characters (Julianne Hough, known from Dancing with the Stars, plays the lead character Sherrie).
MacGruber came out last year and fizzled at the box office Forte hasn't had much of a movie career going, though he'll appear later this year in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, which was filmed years ago, and has a role in the upcoming I Hate You, Dad with Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler. I'm not sure a role in Rock of Ages is going to alter his career that much one way or another, but it's just good the see the guy, especially since his reappearances on SNL are few and far between. We can all watch our MacGruber DVDs daily, but more Forte-- even without the mullet wig-- is a good thing too.

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