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Stanley Lambchop is just like every other kid except for one thing--he is flat. His father gave him a bulletin board at a young age and when it falls off the wall over his bed, it lands on him and smooshes him down to no wider than a sheet of paper. Fortunately for him he survives unscathed aside from his minor deformation, and does what any other flat person would do: foil art gallery robberies by posing as a paintings, and most exciting of all travel to distant lands via envelope.

Conceived in 1964 by Jeff Brown, Flat Stanley is finally getting the big screen treatment after 47 years, six books (not including those written by other authors), and a nationwide “Flat Stanley Project” which had youngsters creating their own Flat Stanley cutouts and shipping them all over the world where recipients take pictures of themselves in exotic places and send them to Stanley’s original owner. According to Deadline, President Obama, Jon Stewart, and even living legend Clint Eastwood have been spotted helping Flat Stanley on his journey.

Stanley's big screen debut will be shepherded by Narnia firm Walden Media with Where the Wild Things Are producer John Carls hoping on board to lead the way. No other crew appointments have been made but with such a big name kid’s story like Flat Stanley we expect to be hearing at the very least news of who will step in to the lead role very soon.

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