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Just a few minutes ago it was reported that John Moore is 20th Century Fox's choice to helm Die Hard 5, but there's still another Bruce Willis sequel in pre-production that doesn't have a helmer. Earlier this year Erich And Jon Hoeber were hired to pen a sequel to Summit's Red and a few days later the project was given the greenlight. I'm not sure what they've been doing for the past eight months, but now it seems they are on the hunt for a director.

Deadline says that next big director hunt could be Red 2. Robert Schwentke, who directed the first film, is currently dedicated to shooting R.I.P.D. with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, and Summit has not yet hired anyone to replace him. Breck Eisner, who surprised critics with his remake of The Crazies last year, has been brought up as a possibility, but the studio is also considering other options. The first film, which also starred Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban, Mary-Louise Parker and Brian Cox, was a surprise hit both domestically and internationally, raking in nearly $200 million on a $58 million budget. The article doesn't say which members of the original cast will return for the sequel, with the exception of Willis who is expected to do the film after production wraps on Die Hard 5.

There's a very good chance that we will be hearing a lot more about this race in the coming weeks as Summit digs deep to find someone to helm the project.Will they only be searching for well established directors or will they be looking for first-timers as well? Only time will tell.

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