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Since the low-key release of Neil Marshall's last film Centurion, the director has flirted with a number of potential new projects, including a horror thriller "set in the world of gourmet underground supper clubs" and an alien invasion movie set during World War II. No idea what happened to either of those projects, but Marshall now appears to be moving forward with something different, and he's committed to making it his next film.

According to Deadline Marshall is in early talks to direct Hellfest, which as you might guess from the title is a horror movie, set at a theme park where a costumed killer slaughters visitors who arrive on Halloween. Sounds something like the Halloween Horror Nights that Universal Studios does in Orlando and Los Angeles, but I guess we shouldn't be surprised they haven't licensed their official name. Marshall expects to start production next summer, though that would mean there's no way he can make a Halloween 2012 release date-- either there will be a long wait until Halloween 2013, or they'll buck tradition and release it nowhere near the holiday.

If you loved Centurion or The Descent and don't want to wait that long for Marshall's next film, there's a little bit of hope-- he also directed an episode in the next season of Game of Thrones, titled "Blackwater."

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