The more I learn about Chronicle, Josh Trank and Max Landis’ faux-documentary, found-footage drama, the more I’m intrigued by what we might be in store for early next year. First, it was that fantastic trailer that established a superhero story of three friends who stumble on … something that granst them super powers. At first, like most teenage boys, they use these powers for mischief, as you can see in the international trailer that recently arrived online (courtesy of

But later, we’ll learn that absolute power corrupts one of these kids absolutely, and Chonicle become something else entirely.

The found-footage nature of Trank’s shoot will have several making comparisons to The Blair Witch Project or the Paranormal Activity films, which is understandable. But this origin story reminded me more of M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, with ordinary citizens being blessed with newfound powers and trying to figure out if they’ll be used for good or evil. I guess you also could make the argument that it’s the realistic take on X-Men: First Class, if, in fact, Trank and Landis are laying the groundwork for a series of stories to be told involving these characters. Chronicle could also just be a one-off thriller like Cloverfield, never to be expanded on again.

Either way, the trailer and this new poster have piqued my interest. There’s a very brief “flying” shot in the trailer, and the poster hints at where these kids might be heading once airborne. We’ll know a lot more about Chronicle in the weeks leading up to release, which is scheduled for Feb. 3, 2012.

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