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This week on Operation Kino we're taking aim at men who hate women with our review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which believe it or not, has the podcast crew sharply divided. From there we move on to segment 3 dedicated to the week of crazy trailer premieres we've had, and whether all the trailer hype takes away from the enjoyment of the movies to come. First, though, we start with a lightning round dedicated to war movies, then move on to tidbits, where Da7e is thinking about the online phenomenon known as Film Critic Hulk, David is excited about he HBO sports series 24/7, Patches catches up with the indie Myth of the American Sleepover, and Katey has a thing or two to say about stupid prizes handed out by a certain critic's group.

As you might remember, one of the very first Operation Kino episodes ever-- before we were even called Operation Kino!-- was our top ten movies of 2010, and don't worry, we'll have another Top 10 podcast this year. Next week we'll all be sleeping off our Christmas cookie comas but the top 10 episode will be going online, so stay tuned for that!

Take a listen below and find your downloading options; for more from all of us, you can follow the show (@opkino), Da7e (@da7e), David (@davidehrlich or @CriterionCorner), Patches (@misterpatches) and me (@kateyrich) on Twitter.

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00:00-00:44 Lightning Round

01:00- 27:10 Introductions and Tidbits

27:49- 48:50 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo reviewed

49:19 -1:07:23 2012 movie trailers discussed

1:07:23 - 01:13:09 Dessert!

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