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When it comes to Peter Jackson movies coming out in 2012, all eyes may be pointed towards The Hobbit, but it's not the only title that the filmmaker has coming out this year. Along with his wife, Fran Walsh, Jackson produced a documentary called West of Memphis, which is about the famed West Memphis Three (who Jackson and Walsh helped free by funding DNA and forensic testing to prove their innocence). The film, which was directed by Amy Berg, will be making its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and today we have the movie's first poster.

Check it out below and see it full size over at EW.

The documentary is about the seven year jury taken by investigators looking at the case of the West Memphis Three and trying to figure out if they were actually guilty of murdering three 8-year-old boys back in 1994. After an 18 year stint in prison, Jason Baldwin, Jesse Misskelley Jr., and Damien Echols were freed last August. Jackson told the magazine now that they have been released, the next step is to find the real killer. Said Jackson, "“There are three standing convictions for triple child murder against Damien, Jason, and Jesse. They are unjust. And there is also a person who killed these three children. Cases like this have to be taken through to the very end because it’s only by doing that that it can be prevented from happening in other places." The film will be looking for distribution during the festival in Park City.

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