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All of the trailers for Lockout thus far have made me tremendously excited for the movie. Sure, it's basically Escape From New York set in outer space, but the action looks great and, more importantly, Guy Pearce looks like a total and utter badass. But while the previews have inspired a lot of interest, sadly the first poster for the movie doesn't really do the same.

While it's thankfully missing the orange/blue coloration that plagues so many posters these days, this one-sheet is entirely too busy and completely lacking in any kind of creativity. Check it out below and see it full size over on MTV.

I suppose that Pearce does look like he could kick some ass here, but Maggie Grace's floating head adds nothing and the background is totally incomprehensible. Is the air on fire? Has there been a major explosion and the characters just don't care about it? Is there a room in the giant space prison that is used just to produce sparks? Sadly this poster is as generic as they come.

Lockout - which arrives in theaters on April 20th - is set in the distant future where all of Earth's most dangerous and violent criminals are sent to live in a maximum security prison in space. While on a goodwill mission, however, the daughter of the president (Grace) is kidnapped by the prisoners, who stage a full-on breakout. The only person that can be sent to the prison is a man named Snow (Pearce), a man wrongly convicted of espionage who can clear his name by rescuing the president's child. The project was co-written and produced by Luc Besson with James Mather and Stephen St. Leger serving as directors. To see more from the film, head over to our Blend Film Database.

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