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If you're like me, you can barely wait another second for the next collaboration between Nicolas Winding-Refn and Ryan Gosling. Last year the director-actor duo blew both critics and audiences away with their neo-noir thriller Drive and, lucky for us, they've already agreed to make another title together: Only God Forgives. The film is already in production, with Kristin Scott Thomas signed on to co-star, and now the new project may have just found distribution.

According to Deadline, Radius-TWC, the brand new distribution company created by The Weinstein Company, is currently in talks to handle the upcoming thriller. The company seems to have a thing for Refn's work, as the company previously signed on to distribute the UK remake of Refn's Pusher, on which the Danish filmmaker served as executive producer. Originally Only God Forgives was going to be distributed by FilmDistrict, the same company that handed the release of Drive, though apparently that deal was never closed. CBS Films was also interested in the project before negotiations began with Radius.

The site says that the new film has "way more explosive violence" than Drive (which is surprising considering the amount of bloodshed in that movie) and apparently there is swordplay involved. The story follows the son of a crime boss (Gosling) who travels with his brother to Thailand to expand the family's market. The sibling, however, gets "involved in a murder" and must deal with a cop called the Angel of Vengeance. It then becomes Gosling's job to seek revenge. Scott Thomas will play the role of Gosling's mother.

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