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Every time you turned around in 2011, Michael Fassbender was out there accomplishing something else amazing as an actor, going from playing the tortured -by-love Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre to the tortured-by-Nazis Magneto in X-Men: First Class to the tortured-by-sex Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method to the tortured-by-sex-again Brandon in Shame. He also popped up early in 2012 to get tortured by Gina Carano in Haywire, just in case we'd forgotten about him. What's even more amazing than all the talent he showed last year is that Fassbender is staying just as busy going forward. He's among the stars of this summer's sci-fi adventure Prometheus, he's planning to reunite with his Shame director Steve McQueen for 12 Years A Slave, and he recently agreed to reunite with Ridley Scott too, taking a lead role in Scott's take on Cormac McCarthy's screenplay The Counselor.

Between all of that and the X-Men: First Class sequel gearing up, how will he have time to make anything else? Beats me, but he's giving it a shot anyway. Variety reports that Fassbender is in early tales to lead The Mountain Between Us, a romantic drama about two strangers who survive a plane crash and rely on each other to survive, while also falling for each other in the process. Miss Bala director Gerardo Naranjo signed on to direct the film back in February, making it his studio directing debut in the United States. Fassbender would play a doctor and avid climber who helps his female companion, a writer, survive in the outdoors.

At this point it's foolish to call anything a stretch for Fassbender, since he's obviously capable of just about anything, but I am looking forward to him taking a turn as a rugged outdoorsman. He managed to survive some pretty harsh conditions playing a Roman soldier in Centurion, though the romance that time around was less than believable. Now the question is which actress they can cast who can hold her own against him. Any suggestions from you guys?

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