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Like many of you, I was under the impression for months that director Tim Burton's Dark Shadows was going to be a horror film. Based on the 1960s soap opera of the same name, the movie was thought to be move away from the family-friendly fare that he has been producing for the last few years and a move back to his darker, weirder roots. Then the first trailer arrived online and we had the same simultaneous reaction:Dark Shadows is actually a comedy. But did you know that audiences weren't the only ones tricked by the new movie? Paramount Pictures was apparently confused too because now they are shifting their schedule to accommodate for the revelation.

Deadline has learned that Paramount has decided to push the Sacha Baron Cohen-starring comedy The Dictator five days, so now, instead of opening on May 11th it will now come out on May 16th. While the two movies were originally going to be going head-to-head, the studio decided to make the change so that the comedy audience isn't sucked away by the Burton film. The move does, however, mean that the movie will be starting on a different weekend and will no be going up against Battleship and What To Expect When You're Expecting.

There is an X-factor in all this as well: The Avengers. Set to open on May 4th, the Joss Whedon-directed superhero movie could end up having legs and taking over the box office for multiple weekends. Looking at how well Hollywood has been doing so far in 2012, I would say that it's a distinct possibility.

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