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Though Prometheus is stealing a lot of the online buzz, Charlize Theron has another movie coming out this summer that looks a cut above the usual blockbuster lineup. WIth trailers that promise dark but immaculately designed visuals, plus a super-villain performance from Theron, Snow White and the Huntsman may be the second Snow White film to come out this year, but it's managed to be the most intriguing. Everything about the marketing campaign, trailers and posters have carried on this dark, well-designed vibe… until this final poster that landed today. Check it out below, via IMP Awards.

Now compare that to this triptych poster we have in our Blend Film Database:

One of those is elegant and kind of spooky, emphasizing the stars but also the sense that this movie is a darker, twisted kind of fairy tale. The other one looks like most other famously terrible posters, with the actors' heads Photoshopped on top of each other nonsensically, and all the mystery from the trailers essentially gone except for some flying birds. Where did that second hatchet come from, the one floating under Chris Hemsworth's chin? Why is he like three times the size of Charlize Theron? Is Theron actually supposed to be turning into a bird or something?

I seriously don't understand how they've got the entire world of awesome visuals they've shown off in trailers like this one and come up with a poster that's not just generic, but actively bad. It's almost enough to make me wonder about the quality of the film as a whole, but everything else we've seen has been so intriguing that it seems fair to regard this as an outlier. But yeesh, what an outlier.

Snow White and the Huntsman opens in theaters June 1, and we have every expectation it will look better than this poster does.

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