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The biggest non-Bruce-Willis role in A Good Day To Die Hard has been cast, with Jai Courtney signing on to play John McClane's son Jack, and immediately after both father and son posing for a family portrait that seems distinctly McClane-esque. That was back in February, and though we've heard since then that the film had added two villains, word has been mighty quiet- strange for a production that had been set for April.

Now Deadline is reporting another tiny bit of casting that suggests some forward motion-- Cole Hauser, the character actor with roles in everything from 2 Fast 2 Furious to Good WIll Hunting to Dazed and Confused, has signed on in the supporting role of Collins, a villain who presumably will work in cahoots with the the previously cast bad guys. Hauser has been in two other Willis films, Tears of the Sun and Hart's War, though it's unclear just how much face-to-face time they'll have.

A Good Day To Die Hard is shooting in Russia, with John Moore behind the camera, marking his first directorial effort since 2008's dreadful, dull Max Payne. It's unclear just how much the nation is clamoring for another Die Hard movie, especially after 2007's Live Free or Die Hard was vaguely successful but mostly forgettable. If you're worried, though, just pick up your own copy of Die Hard, marvel over the amazingness of Hans Gruber, and remember that that movie will always exist, no matter how many sequels they make. I promise it'll make you feel better.

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