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Saturday Night Live's Church Lady (Dana Carvey) once cleverly pointed out to us that the names Santa and Satan are remarkably similar. What kind of shenanigans might ensue if a child were to mix up two key letters in the name when trying to send a letter to Santa? It sounds like Dear Satan looks to explore such a scenario.

Variety posted the news that Fox has acquired Dan Ewen's spec-script Dear Satan for the Farrelly Brothers and Condrum Entertainment to produce. The Farrelly Brothers' most recent film The Three Stooges, which they produced and directed, is in theaters now. Per Variety, Ewen was inspired to write the script by an experience babysitting for a child who misspelled Santa's name when writing to the big bearded man around the holidays. The script tells the story of a 7-year-old girl who does the same thing, inviting Satan to bring her a present for Christmas.

I can only imagine where the story goes from there, but with the Farrelly Brothers' involvement as producers (no word on whether or not they'll direct) and Variety's mention that Ewen has a body switch comedy called Opposites Attract in the works, it seems like Dear Satan will likely be aiming for comedy or dark comedy in tone. With that in mind, a number of movie associates come to mind, including Oh, God! You Devil, Little Nicky and to some extent, Drop Dead Fred. Traces of the CW's Reaper are also mixed in there as I try to picture Satan in a humorous context. It'll be interesting to see who's cast to play the title role.

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