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I've been surprised to see fairly good reviews out there for Men In Black III, the decade-late sequel to Men In Black II that pretty much nobody asked for, and that marks Will Smith's first starring role in four years. But apparently the appeal of the galaxy defenders who won't let you remember hasn't worn off over the years, which means there will be a lot of people heading to the theaters to see them this weekend-- an opportunity Sony, no fools, will be using to help promote their next big film out of the gate.

The studio has announced on Facebook that showings of Men In Black III in IMAX 3D this weekend will include a six-minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man, the superhero adventure that opens July 3. This comes not long after a four-minute "Super Preview" of the film, so you're running a distinct risk of seeing the entire movie before it even makes its way to theaters. Still, something tells me devoted fans of Peter Parker and his entire web-slinging universe aren't going to let that keep them from seeing as much of the movie as they can ahead of time.

Will this preview help boost ticket sales of Men In Black III this weekend? Eh, maybe. The Spider-Man movies, especially given that this one is a reboot, don't seem to have the same fervent audience as, say, The Dark Knight Rises, which turned the IMAX preview into a huge boon for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol last December. Something tells me the new Men in Black will be doing just fine on its own, but if you wind up seeing it this weekend as a placeholder for a summer blockbuster you're more interested in, maybe the Spider-Man preview will be a glimpse of more supehero-heavy days ahead.

And for a quick look at Spidey now-- including one of the many quips I'm hoping make it in the final cut of the movie-- here's a new 30-second TV spot that made its way online today.

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