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Guy Ritchie started his career making gritty, crime-centric films like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but had by far the biggest hit of his career with Sherlock Holmes, the movie that rode the wave of Robert Downey Jr.'s emerging fame only to look terribly silly and over the top in the light of BBC's Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Still, the Sherlock Holmes sequel did well for both Ritchie and Warner Bros., and the studio is smartly trying to keep him in the fold with another big potential franchise.

Deadline reports that Ritchie is attached to direct Treasure Island, a planned big-budget adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel that by Wikipedia's count has been adapted 16 different times, including a 1972 version starring Orson Welles. The Warner Bros. version has been in development since early 2010, conveniently just a few months after Sherlock Holmes became such a big success, and presumably they're aiming for Ritchie to repeat the exact same success, this time with swashbuckling and oceans instead of Victorian London and mysteries to solve.

Alex Harakis, apparently a newcomer screenwriter, is in charge of putting together the script, but given Ritchie's own screenwriting background he may have a hand in the script as well. Feel free to begin your casting speculation now-- though I bet the studio would love to have Robert Downey Jr. on board, I have a hard time imagining he has the time to take on another franchise.

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