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Is a Police Academy reboot really necessary? No, probably not. But my sense of 80's nostalgia mixed with the idea of revisiting the concept of a bunch of young, aspiring law enforcers attempting to make it through training does leave room for some optimism for New Line's attempt to revive the franchise. Perhaps with a Hangover-ish tone and the right cast, there could be something to it. Or maybe my memory of the Police Academy films is clouded by my original opinions of them, which were established during my early childhood, when a guy who could make sound effects with his mouth would have been considered the height of hilarity. Regardless of whether or not it's a good idea, the film is in the works and there's a script that needs rewrites. It looks like New Line has found their man.

Months ago, we learned that Tosh.0's Scott Zabielski is set to direct New Line's Police Academy reboot. And today Deadline is reporting that The Break-Up writer Jeremy Garelick has been signed on to do the rewrites for the film, picking up where David Diamond and David Weissman left off.

While The Break-Up is the only feature-length film Garelick is currently credited for as a writer, it's worth noting - as Deadline points out - that he did rewrites for The Hangover. That experience may prove to be a bit more valuable than The Break-Up for this particular project.

Going back to my initial optimism, despite the fact that this appears to be yet another reboot attempt, I still think updated properly, the concept could work well for a modern-day comedy. We'll have to see how the cast shapes up once they get to that point in the development process.

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