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There may be a lot of action films on their way this summer, but it's unlikely any of them will hold a candle to The Expendables 2, which in all its advertising so far has promised nothing short of the most explosions, punches, quips and aging action stars you've ever seen in a single movie. They know what sells-- tough dudes + balls of fire-- and that's very much on display in the new poster for the film, which has debuted at Yahoo! below.

If you remember the teaser character posters-- including the one we exclusively premiered, they were all about looking austere and black and white. For the big group shot, though, they've gone for the full-on bright fireball, not unlike how the first Dark Knight Rises poster was stark and colorless, and the final one is bursting with flames. Clearly the big new thing this summer is starting out colorless, but eventually picking up your flamethrower and lighting things up.

Other than that, I now wonder if you can tell how big their parts are based on where the actors are positioned on the poster-- if that's true, Schwarzenegger will have a much bigger time, and Liam Hemsworth will barely be in it. We won't know for sure, of course, until The Expendables 2 drop-kicks its way into theaters on

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