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Filmmaking team Collin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly drew notice at Sundance this year with their quirky time travel-centered comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. In it, Aubrey Plaza starred as a depressed hipster who rediscovers wonder and hope through her unlikely romance with a self-proclaimed time-traveler played by mumblecore icon Mark Duplass. Connolly wrote the screenplay having been inspired by a peculiar classified ad that sought a partner for time-travel but provided the ominous caveat "safety not guaranteed;" Trevorrow directed the film, guiding his actors down its soft-sci-fi terrain with a tender humanity.

Hot on the heels of Safety Not Guaranteed's limited release, Deadline reports Trevorrow and Connolly are teaming up once more to create another unconventional comedy The Ambassador. Big Beach Films, the production company behind such winsome indies as Safety Not Guaranteed, Our Idiot Brother, and Away We Go, will produce the feature, which also has a touch of sci-fi. The pair will co-write the script; Trevorrow will direct.

The ambassador at the film's center is an employee of the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs, a diplomatic sector that attempts to seek out alien life, and is expected to represent humankind if extraterrestrials are discovered. However, as a low-ranking official of OSA, the film's protagonist is startled when he makes first contact with what appears to be a beautiful—but mysterious—woman. A out of this world romance is sparked, leading him to risk his job and so much more to conquer the forces—both earthly and extraterrestrial—that seek to separate them.

Thematically, The Ambassador seems to have a lot in common with Safety Not Guaranteed, and I'm eager to see how Connolly and Trevorrow's storytelling will develop with their sophomore feature. Their first film showed a strong voice and a grounded sense of whimsy that proudly criticized the predominant cynicism pervading modern movies, and despite their meager budget, they offered an inventive time travel tale that never felt low-rent. Elements of it were unwieldy, and some parts felt miscast, but overall, Safety Not Guaranteed was a delight. In short, I'm eager to see what they have in store for The Ambassador.

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