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Since making her screen debut in 2006, willowy actress Dawn Olivieri has scored roles on such hit shows as How I Met Your Mother, Entourage and True Blood. But her breakthrough came this year on the new Showtime series House of Lies. Playing the ruthless and lusty ex of Don Cheadle's cutthroat but charismatic consultant, Olivieri has been grabbing the notice of casting directors and filmmakers.

While she's had to turn down a role in the new Arnold Schwarzenegger actioner Breacher to shoot season two of House of Lies, THR reports Olivieri has signed on to co-star in Catherine Hardwicke's follow-up to the flopped fantasy Red Riding Hood, an erotic thriller called Plush. Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) will headline the film, and previous reports had her playing a patient of a psychically gifted psychologist, whose shocked to discover this teen girl is as adept at delving into the minds of others —actually being able to see their memories—as he is.

However, this latest update calls Browning's character "a rising rock star" and "married mother of two" whose grieving over her brother's unexpected death from a drug overdose is postponed by an illicit affair with an alluring guitarist played by Xavier Samuel (The Loved Ones), who keeps a dark past secret. Olivieri will play the band's manager, a role described as the second female lead; Cam Gigandet (Trespass), who was previously said to be playing the mind-probing therapist, is now reported to be playing Browning's husband. No mention is made of the strange psychic subplot.

Reading these two very different plot descriptions for Plush, I'm left trying to make sense of how Hardwicke's script—co-written by How to Make It In America scribe Arty Nelson—will merge these premises. Here's my guess: the film begins with Browning as Gigandet's patient, but their shared psychic abilities lead to love, marriage and babies. But as she struggles to cope with her brother's death, she becomes depressed and aims to run from her troubles/life with an affair. Presumably her husband's none-the-wiser because she's blocking him out with her powers. Using these same powers she begins to see her guitar-playing lover is not what he seems, and then maybe she and her husband reunite and fend off this dangerous home-wrecking dude?

Sure it sounds bonkers, but Hardwicke's never been known for her subtlety. Perhaps a clearer picture will come into focus when the film goes into production.

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