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At 22, pretty blonde ingénue Britt Robertson has already been poised for TV stardom twice, first co-starring in the earnest foster family drama Life Unexpected and then as headliner of the CW's supernatural drama series The Secret Circle. Ultimately neither show lasted long, and her name is still far from recognizable. But don't cry for Robertson, because hot on the heels of The Secret Circle's cancellation she's gearing up for movie stardom.

Deadline reports Robertson has signed on to the DreamWorks remake of the saucy French-Canadian comedy Starbuck, joining Cobie Smulders, Chris Pratt and Vince Vaughn. Adapted for American audiences by Starbuck's writer-director Ken Scott, the presently unnamed remake will center on a schlubby manchild (Vaughn) who is struggling to convince his pregnant girlfriend (Smulders) he's ready for fatherhood when he discovers his old habit of earning quick cash at sperm banks has resulted in more than 500 progeny, several hundred of whom are petitioning to meet their biological father. Pratt will play lawyer and likely friend to Vaughn's flustered father five-hundred-times over, and Robertson take on the role of a troubled teen who is one of his many, many offspring.

While the part may shake out to be little more than a supporting role, it could prove a solid opportunity for Robertson to showcase her comedy skills. To date her most noteworthy movie role is a toss-up between being Steve Carrell's moody teen daughter in Dan in Real Life and being murdered within minutes of Scream 4.

Production on the pic is expected to get rolling before year's end. Coming up, Robertson can be seen in the teen rom-com The First Time, Jon Kasdan's follow-up to his directorial debut In the Land of Women, and then in 2013 in the twisted bullying drama White Rabbit, which stars The Descendants' Nick Krause, Super 8's Ryan Lee, and True Blood's Sam Trammell.

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