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If Bridesmaids proved one thing, it's that pre-wedding hilarity and shenanigans isn't exclusively a male specialty. Melissa McCarthy was certainly a contributing factor to the humor and success of Bridesmaids, playing Maya Rudolph's future sister-in-law Megan. Should the actress make an appearance in the upcoming third installment in the Hangover franchise, the film should be all the funnier for it.

Earlier this week, we shared a couple of set photos for The Hangover Part III, which showed returning actors Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha. The second sequel to Todd Phillips' 2009 comedy will have the gang headed down to Mexico, and unlike the first two films, there will be no wedding this time around. But there may be a Bridesmaid anyway.

According to Variety, Melissa McCarthy is in talks to play a small role in the film. It's not final, and her busy schedule, which includes various films and a starring role in the CBS comedy Mike & Molly, will obviously play a factor. There's also no word on what the role would entail, but I could see her fitting in as an honorary member of the wolf pack.

McCarthy had the same kind of scene-stealing presence in Bridesmaids that Galifianakis did in The Hangover. A scene with the two actors together could be something really special, if that's what they have in mind for her. Even if it's just a brief appearance, McCarthy signing on would be one more reason to look forward to the comedy.

The Hangover Part III is currently scheduled for a May 24, 2013 release.

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