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With a massive cast of A-list talent, 15 writers and a handful of directors that include Brett Ratner, Bob Odenkirk, James Gunn and Peter Farrelly, the omnibus comedy Movie 43 is a feature that's sort of hard to explain. Constructed from a bunch of comedic bits, the film aims to interweave stories that each feature their own distinct sense of humor. But details on their arcs have been sparse until now.

Farelly spoke with EW and shared not only some insight on the film's genesis, but also eight images that display its star power and madcap appeal. “It’s the brainchild of Charlie Wessler, who produced most of our movies. Never before have such huge actors pushed the envelope so much,” Farrelly gushed. He explained that Wessler's relationships with stars like Kate Winslet and the production's flexibility to shoot a section then go on break is what scored Movie 43 so many stars. Shot on and off over a four-year span to accommodate the schedules of its numerous cast mates, the film is finally wrapped, and below you can get a look at some of the loony antics it has in store. For the full lineup of sketches, be sure to click over to EW.

Farrelly was thrilled to work with Winslet, who stars in one of his sections opposite Hugh Jackman. The pair is on a blind date that goes south when he reveals a bizarre birth defect.

Real-life husband and wife Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are featured in a scatological romance wherein a guy falls for a girl who seems perfect in every way…until she reveals an unusual sexual kink.

Terrence Howard portrays the coach of an all-black basketball team in the 1950s, and can be seen here giving them a pep talk on how to defeat their white rivals.

Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville play best buds whose bond is threatened after the latter hooked up with the former's girl. But how do you get a friend to forgive and forget? You kidnap him a leprechaun, obviously. Though you can't tell from this shot Gerard Butler plays the abducted sprite.

And finally, Leslie Bibb, Justin Long, and Jason Sudeikis play superheroes setting out on a modern-day quest for love via speed dating. Though not pictured, Farrelly reveals Uma Thurman also makes an appearance in this arc.

How will all these wildly disparate bits of comedy come together? We'll find out when Movie 43 comes to theaters on January 25th, 2013.

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