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Twilight fans have cause to celebrate today as advance tickets for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 have officially gone on sale. What's more, Summit is releasing the last of the final theatrical poster. In less than a day, the full poster will arrive online. But those who can't wait can enjoy the image bit by bit.

Now the picture is literally starting to come together. Earlier today, the first piece of the final Breaking Dawn poster arrived online, revealing the image of Bella and Edward from Twilight in the negative space, with a sliver of the new poster's bottom-left corner. This one, which arrived moments ago on the New Moon Facebook page, gives us a look of the top-right portion of the poster, with a face-to-face moment between Bella and Jacob filling in the rest of the space.

The first piece shows what appears to be water at the bottom, though I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's snow, which would make sense given what we've seen from the trailer. In this one we get sky at the top, with part of the tagline "…will live forever."

For a bit of random guessing-fun, it looks like there might be the top of someone's head near the bottom of the sliver (by Bella's hair). Really, it could be the top of anything, but perhaps the main image is the sight of the Cullens (& Friends?) standing in the snow, looking ready for a fight.

Maybe the next one will finish the tagline, or perhaps we'll see a bit of something from the middle. The next piece arrives at midnight EST, so keep an eye out for that!

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