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Ben Bailey is best known for his job as the host of the Discovery Channel game show Cash Cab, but he has a history as an actor as well and has just lined up a pretty nice gig.

Variety is reporting that Bailey has lined up a role in the upcoming American remake of the French Canadian comedy Starbuck. Directed by Ken Scott - who also directed the original - the film is about a middle-aged man who donated sperm regularly when he young to make some quick cash. When he learns that his police officer girlfriend Valerie is pregnant, however, it comes with the news that the man has actually fathered 533 children from his donation days and he learns that 142 of them are filing a class action lawsuit to find out who their dad is (they only know him under his codename, Starbuck). Bailey will be playing a role in a side plot wbere the protagonist is being hunted by goons for the $80,000 he owes to someone. Bailey will be playing "a Polish henchman."

The film already has a stellar cast set up, as Vince Vaughn will be playing the protagonist and Cobie Smulders has been brought on to play his girl. Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt recently signed on as well. Production is scheduled to begin in New York City in December.

Bailey's previous film credits include titles such as Bad Meat and Don't Shoot the Pharmacist. He will next be seen alongside Janeane Garofalo, Christopher Titus, Michael Boatman and Cheri Oteri in Bad Parents.

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