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Todd Phillips continues to shoot his third and likely final Hangover movie, and we’re learning today that the sequel will come full circle when it opens next summer by brining the Wolfpack back to a familiar place: the scene of the original “crime.”

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is on the call sheet for the comedy, which begins filming scenes at the popular casino in the coming days, according to As you all know, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis stranded Justin Bartha on the roof of Caesar’s during the initial Hangover movie. The action shifted to Thailand for the sequel, where the boys endured a tough morning after in Bangkok. Details on Part III have been kept under wraps, but a return to Sin City seem imminent.

This follows leaked set photos that showed an Arizona town being transformed in Tijuana, Mexico. There always have been rumors about Cooper and Helms having to potentially break Galifianakis out of a mental hospital. And that might still be the case. But from what we are seeing so far, Phillips’ sequel is doing a bit of location hopping, after the first two Hangover movies picked an offbeat location and stayed in it.

Which is fine. The first two Hangover movies earned boatloads of money, guaranteeing a third movie. But Phillips knows he has to shake up the formula to keep things interesting. But bringing the story back around to a familiar location can help establish some closure if, as reported, Phillips wants to put a cap on this trilogy and deliver a satisfying ending. We’ll see, as The Hangover Part III opens on May 24, 2013.

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