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Less than a month ago, the publicity department behind Sacha Gervasi’s Hitchcock released a pretty sweet theatrical poster that splintered members of the cast in an apparent homage to one of the original Psycho posters. While visually appealing and oddly awesome, it had one clear downside: it mistakenly downplayed the importance of Helen Mirren to the film by putting her in the bottom right hand corner. She might have been clearer and bigger than all the others apart from Anthony Hopkins, but she still seemed less than. Luckily, that’s definitely not a problem with the newest promotional poster for Hitchcock.

With the tagline “Behind Every Psycho Is A Great Woman', the new artwork, like the trailers, makes it clear that Hitchcock is as much about the relationship between the director and his wife as it is about the rest of the behind the scenes drama. Go ahead and take a look at the sweet new poster below…

I’m really glad they stuck with that sweet font from the original poster, and I’m really glad they’ stuck with so much red. This looks like the right poster for the right movie, and given the wonderful supporting cast, it was the right play to include the little face shots at the bottom. Altogether, it’s a marked improvement, and if the quality of the film can live up to the promotional material, we should all be in for a treat.

Here’s a look at the original poster I mentioned before…

Hitchcock opens in select theaters on November 23rd. If it performs as it should, the film will open to more parts of the country in the weeks and months afterward. Get excited.

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