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When you've made a big movie starring a lot of very famous people, and you want to advertise the fact that those famous people are in fact in your movie, you don't have a whole lot of options. Movie posters for ensemble films range from the serviceable to the horrific, with floating heads of smiling faces colliding into each other, and a giant list of names essentially looking like a desperate cry for help: "Look! You like all these people! Why wouldn't you want to see them all together?"

So credit Movie 43 for at least trying something different, revealing its first poster at Entertainment Weekly and putting the focus on a very vague but very suggestive shape in the middle. Take a look below:

The lime green color is a little harsh on the eyes, and the whole curvy design feels a little like a leftover psychedelic 60s concert poster, but again-- points for effort. And the poster's juvenile sensibility-- that curvy "Comedy Exposed" is a nice touch-- isn't an anomaly. If you caught the film's red band trailer you know that the Farrelly Brothers are back with the same raunchy, go-for-broke humor that made them famous, and they've brought along a lot of big stars who are seemingly up for anything. Want to see Kate Winslet vomit at a restaurant? Anna Faris poop on Chris Pratt? Naomi Watts dress up like a high schooler and call her own son "fuckface"? This is the movie for you!

Who knows if it will all work-- omnibus comedies like this can be dicey propositions-- but we're willing to give it a shot, eyeball-injuring poster be damned. Movie 43 arrives to relieve you of winter boredom on January 25 next year.

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