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When the first trailer arrived last week a lot of people quickly changed their minds about the upcoming zom-rom-com Warm Bodies. While the first few official stills seemed to paint it as "Twilight with zombies" (it doesn't help that it's being released by the same studio), the footage we saw on Thursday replaced ideas of moody, sparkly members of the undead with laughs, cleverness, and a sense of fun (and how can you not love the soundtrack mix of The Troggs' "With A Girl Like You" and The Black Keys' "Lonely Boy"?). And what better way to compliment a new trailer than by delivering a new poster as well? Check it out below!

The poster comes to us from Entertainment Weekly, and in case you missed it earlier be sure to check out our own Kelly West's interview with writer/director Jonathan Levine!

Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies tells the story of R (Nicholas Hoult), a zombie roaming the post-apocalyptic wasteland. His undead life changes, however, when he meets Julie (Teresa Palmer), the girlfriend of one of his victims. At first sight something changes within him, and it's something that could change the entire future of the human race. Shame about the general (John Malkovich) who is hell-bent on the destruction of R and R's kind. Rob Corddry and Dave Franco co-star in the movie, which will be released by Summit Entertainment on February 1, 2013. For more from the movie, including stills, another poster, news and the trailer, be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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