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Is this going to be the best Thanksgiving ever? Well if we're talking about your family, that's pretty much already been determined-- either you guys got in a blow-out fight over the right way to carve the turkey, or you had a merry and wine-fueled dinner that ended with naps on the couch for everyone. But if we're talking about Hollywood and the box office, it might still be happening-- and you can still get out there and make it come true.

As Deadline is breathlessly reporting, this could be the biggest-ever 5-day Thanksgiving moviegoing weekend, with a potential $275 million total netted at the box office. On the Thursday holiday itself the big winner was Breaking Dawn Part 2, which should be able to hang on to its #1 spot from last weekend, and sneak past Skyfall, which is a strong #2. Lincoln continues to only get bigger, making $4.7 million on Thursday and bringing in an estimated $35.5 million over the holiday weekend. Apparently a holiday based around American history is a great time to catch up with your Presidents onscreen; Lincoln should come in at #3.

On far more screens than Lincoln, Life of Pi is still opening behind it, netting fourth place on Thursday with $4.5 million, and on track to make $29 million for the five-day weekend. It performed better on Thursday than on Wednesday, though, so the anonymous studio execs quoted by Fox seem to be enthusiastic all the same. Things are looking much grimmer, though, for the new family-aimed film Rise of the Guardians, which made less Thursday than Wednesday and is on track to make $30.1 million for the weekend-- more than Life of Pi, yes, but far less than hit animated movies from the year like Brave ($66 million opening), Madagascar 3 ($60 million opening), The Lorax ($70 million opening) and Ice Age: Continental Drift ($46 million opening). Then again, with its holiday theme Guardians should play well for the next few weeks, so all may not be lost just yet.

We'll have a full holiday weekend report for you on Sunday, and in the meantime, let us know in the comments what you're seeing this weekend with your turkey-stuffed families!

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