Today is Christmas Day and kids all over the world have found out if Santa made their Christmas wishes come true. But before too long we'll be looking into a whole new year, and if you're a movie fan that's really time to start wondering what Movie Santa will be bringing them in the year to come.

OK, even if you're not on board with the whole idea of Movie Santa, we all know we have our mental wishlists of what we hope will happen in the year to come, form the outlandish-- a Gene Hackman comeback!-- to the totally reasonable-- a Thor sequel that's pretty good, please? We got together to list all the things we're hoping to see in the year to come, and on the following pages you can see our picks, from the arty to the totally lowbrow to the largely wishful thinking. Let us know your own hopes in the comments, and here's to a happy and movie-filled 2013!

A Hunger Games sequel as good as the first one.

Sam Mendes in the director’s chair for the next Bond movie.

For Inside Llewyn Davis to finally make Oscar Isaac a movie star.

The complete commercial failure of Grown Ups 2.

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