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Today is Christmas Day and kids all over the world have found out if Santa made their Christmas wishes come true. But before too long we'll be looking into a whole new year, and if you're a movie fan that's really time to start wondering what Movie Santa will be bringing them in the year to come.

OK, even if you're not on board with the whole idea of Movie Santa, we all know we have our mental wishlists of what we hope will happen in the year to come, form the outlandish-- a Gene Hackman comeback!-- to the totally reasonable-- a Thor sequel that's pretty good, please? We got together to list all the things we're hoping to see in the year to come, and on the following pages you can see our picks, from the arty to the totally lowbrow to the largely wishful thinking. Let us know your own hopes in the comments, and here's to a happy and movie-filled 2013!

A Hunger Games sequel as good as the first one.

Sam Mendes in the director’s chair for the next Bond movie.

For Inside Llewyn Davis to finally make Oscar Isaac a movie star.

The complete commercial failure of Grown Ups 2.

Avatar 2 finally going into production and getting James Cameron back to work.

More Joss Whedon at the movies-- Avengers 2 progress, Much Ado About Nothing, whatever.

A Prometheus remake.

One Channing Tatum movie per month in 2013 (this may not be realistic).

More (good) stage musical adaptations.

News of more Keira Knightley-Joe Wright collaborations.

The Great Gatsby to be worth the wait.

The headline, “RoboCop remake has been shelved.”

Good (any) news updates about the Ready Player One movie.

A sign that the Gwen Stacy storyline will be handled properly in upcoming Spider-Man sequels.

Steven Soderbergh coming back out of retirement.

For Kick-Ass 2 to be worth the wait.

For Star Trek Into Darkness to be worth the wait.

For Sin City: A Dame To Kill For to be worth the wait.

Ghostbusters 3 being put to rest.

Seven words: Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure 2.

More Elle Fanning.

Monsters University being more Toy Story 2 and less Cars 2.

For Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World to make us just as excited for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Avengers did.

Man of Steel restores Superman’s name in the movie world.

Pacific Rim delivers all the thrills we expect from giant robots vs. giant monsters.

That nobody goes to see Paranormal Activity 5 so that the franchise will be ended.

Oz The Great And Powerful isn’t just Alice in Wonderland 2.

The Wolverine proves that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was just a fluke and turns out to be amazing.

For Justice League’s Batman to be Bruce Wayne.

Justice League director to be on par with Joss Whedon (hell, hire Joss Whedon)

For The Lone Ranger to live up to Rango.

Zero Dark Thirty lives up to the critic’s hype when it opens in wide release. Gangster Squad theater scene, cut from the theatrical release, to at least show up on the DVD.

Star Trek Into Darkness doesn’t mirror the ending of Wrath of Khan.

For Pain and Gain to be ridiculous/awesome/terrible.

Anything from Charlie Kaufman (Anomalisa or his HBO show).

Quentin Tarantino Defends Bruce Lee's Depiction in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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