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This isn't news, but Dwayne Johnson isn't a small guy. A former professional wrestler who stands at 6'4", the guy is 260 pounds of pure muscle and intimidation - which makes it a challenge every time out when he's working to play the everyman. But that's something that the makers of the upcoming thriller Snitch hope that Johnson's acting skills will compensate for.

Based on a true story, the Ric Roman Waugh co-written/directed film has Johnson playing a father who makes the ultimate sacrifice when his son is arrested by the DEA after being set up in a drug-related bust: he agrees to go undercover into a criminal organization and help the feds take down the big baddies. The first trailer for the movie was released all the way back in late November, but now Summit Entertainment has posted the first one-sheet.

While it's annoyingly generic, I am honestly thanking the heavens that it's not yet another "Back To The Camera" poster. We've seen more than enough of them recently. So check out the Snitch poster below and click it to see Dwayne in his highest resolution.

They're not featured on the poster - Johnson is just taking up a bit too much room - but the supporting cast surrounding the star in the film is pretty damn impressive, with Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal, Michael K. Williams, Harold Perrineau, Barry Pepper, Benjamin Bratt and Nadine Velazquez.

Snitch will be in theaters on February 22nd and you can find out more about the movie on our dedicated Snitch channel.

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