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The feature adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Host is set to arrive in theaters in just a few month. We've already seen a few posters for the film, which stars Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel and Max Irons, and this week, two more have made their way online. These two new posters focus on individual characters and give us an eyeful of background.

While some will assume otherwise, The Host isn't Twilight with aliens. Sure, there's romance involved, but the protagonist in Meyer's novel isn't a high school student and the focus of the story is more on her struggle to maintain her identity while trapped in her own body, which has been inhabited by an alien (referred to as a "soul.") The novel is told from the perspective of Wanderer, the soul who has taken up residence in Melanie's body and finds that adapting to being human and processing human emotions is much trickier than she anticipated.

The first of the two new posters to arrive online (via AMC Theatres Facebook page) focuses on Melanie/Wanderer.

And JustJared shared the second one, which shows one of the two love interests in the film, Jared (Max Irons).

Both posters' backgrounds feature what appears to be a very close look at the soul-inhabited eye, which can be identified by the glowing ring around the pupil. Other than the background, these two posters look very similar to the previously released posters, which have the characters in the poses and the (exact same) outfits. With that in mind, it seems likely that a third poster featuring Jake Abel could eventually surface, if it hasn't already (I poked around but haven't come across it). Jared is Melanie's boyfriend and Ian is another guy in the resistance who takes a liking to Wanderer. With Melanie and Wanderer sharing a body, their feelings toward Ian and Jared form a very bizarre sort of love-quadrangle.

The Host arrives March 29. More information, photos and video can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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