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It's still a mystery how Andrew Knauer's debut screenplay The Last Stand will do at the box office, but he's already wheeling and dealing in Hollywood and has just set up a new project at Universal. The writer has apparently been developing a science-fiction movie with The Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi and now the two are set to make the film happen at the studio.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the news about the project's forward motion but doesn't have much in the way of plot details. At this time "details are being kept close to the vest," though it is known that Knauer and Nolfi will be writing the script together and that Nolfi is eying it as a movie to both direct and produce as well. The two met while The Last Stand was still in pre-production and the director actually did a rewrite of the newcomer's work. After reading Knauer's spec script Nolfi was impressed enough to call and start discussing working together. Michael Hackett is also on-board as a producer.

Since the release of The Adjustment Bureau in 2011 Nolfi hasn't begun production on another film, but is attached to the Mark Heyman-scripted XOXO - which has been described as Fatal Attraction with Facebook - as well as the action movie Peace Walker.

The Last Stand is Knauer's first produced credit and has thus far gotten mixed reactions. With 40 reviews counted the movie currently stands ay 60% which is the minimum to be considered "fresh" on the site. Will you be going to see it this weekend?

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