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Here are a few things we know about Oblivion. Joseph Kosinski, of Tron Legacy fame, directs the sci-fi thriller. Tom Cruise stars. And the tireless action hero will be running. A lot. And sometimes from Morgan Freeman.

Most of that was revealed in the first official trailer from Kosinski’s movie, and the running has been confirmed by a pic shared on the movie’s Facebook page. We have it for you below.

We hear you: Cruise running from an unknown threat doesn’t necessarily do it for you anymore. The guy has run from virtually every known brand of threat on screen. Sometimes, he even does it in a metallic suit, while dodging a fireball. But we’re interested in Oblivion for a number of reasons. There's a string of post-apocalyptic movies on tap for this year, and they’ll mostly have mega-star-power, from Cruise in this to Will Smith in After Earth and the Seth Rogen crew for This is the End. But only Oblivion boasts Cruise as a human WALL-E, left behind on our abandoned planet and tasked with a physical job (in his case, repairing drones) until he encounters “someone” who changes his direction.

Many crapped on Kosinski’s Tron Legacy, but I saw a lot of visual potential in that convoluted film, and I’m really interested to see what he can do with Oblivion. The movie opens on April 19, so it gets ahead of the glut of the summer-blockbuster season. That’s probably a good idea. The photo doesn’t tell us too much, but it reminds us that Oblivion is coming, and that’s enough for now.

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