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James Wan’s Insidious still stands as one of the scariest, deeply unnerving movies I’ve seen in some time. The first half of that movie, before the psychic’s show up to inject a little comic relief, gets under my skin in ways other films have not been able to. And so while I’m excited that Wan’s going to continue the story with a sequel, there’s no chance in hell I’d ever want to be in the same town as his production, let alone on set with the director and the cast.

You, however, might want to do exactly that, which is why we’re sharing the details of a unique interactive contest being offered on behalf of the film. FilmDistrict is looking for the movie’s biggest fan, and will hand over a walk-on part in Insidious 2. But you have to work for it. Here are the details.
The lucky winner, to be personally selected by Wan, [screenwriter Leigh] Whannell, and producer Jason Blum, will receive an all-expense paid trip for two to Los Angeles where he/she will get a walk-on role in the movie, filming now and due for release in theatres this summer.

HOW TO ENTER: Fans can enter by logging on to, starting Tuesday, January 22nd and uploading a video to the Official Insidious: Chapter 2 YouTube or Facebook Page that tells James why he/she is the biggest Insidious fan and deserves to be cast alongside stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne in the sequel. The contest closes on February 4th, 2013.

The filmmakers have recorded a personal video explaining the contest for fans that can be seen at:

Winners will be announced on February 8th on the Official Insidious: Chapter 2 Facebook Page.

The walk-on part will have to happen relatively quickly, as Insidious 2 is due in theaters on August 30th, so Wan’s going to want to honor the contest winner and get the film locked and loaded. Fans of Wan, as a filmmaker, are also going to get a double-dose of the storyteller because he’ll also have The Conjuring with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in theaters in July. No chance of a walk-on for that one, but at least you’ll be able to grab tickets and – hopefully – be terrified with the rest of us in a darkened movie theater. See you then.

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