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Nick Offerman is most famous for playing the cranky, fierce libertarian Ron Swanson on TV's best sitcom, Parks & Recreation-- to the point that it can be weird to see him out the in the world without Ron's signature mustache. But Offerman, like many TV actors, likes to keep busy by taking on side roles in various indie films, and fans who want to see him break out of Swanson mode will have another chance come March, with the release of the comedic fable Somebody Up There Likes Me.

The film covers 35 years in the lives of three protagonists-- Keith Poulson's Max, Offerman's Sal, and the woman they both adore, played by Jess Weixler. The movie is coming to select theaters on March 8 and will be available on VOD just four days later, on March 12. For a very colorful and creative preview of what to expect, check out this brand-new poster, which we're exclusively premiering here:

And those cartoons aren't just a marketing gimmick-- the film itself features animated sequences from Bob Sabiston, who worked on Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life. Add that to an original score from Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio, and there's a whole lot more on offer here than in your average indie comedy. Read the official synopsis for Somebody Up There Likes Me, and below that revisit the ridiculous, up-in-smoke promo video that Offerman made with his wife and co-star Megan Mullaly, plus Community's Alison Brie.

SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME is a comedic fable is about a man watching his life fly by. Max (Keith Poulson), along with his best friend Sal (Nick Offerman, "Parks & Recreation") and the woman they both adore, Lyla (Jess Weixler), stumble through thirty-five years of mandatory but seemingly unfulfilling entanglements. Featuring an original score from Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio, stunning animated sequences from Bob Sabiston (A SCANNER DARKLY), produced by Offerman and directed by cult auteur Bob Byington (HARMONY & ME), the experience of life sneaking up on you while time seemingly stands still has never been more surreal and charmingly entertaining.

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