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Fans of Stephenie Meyer's The Host and those eagerly anticipating Andrew Niccol's feature adaptation of the bodysnatcher story may want to pick up a copy of Us Magazine's Collector's Edition, which hits stands this week and is devoted entirely to Open Road's alien invasion film, headed into theaters later this month. Check out the cover ahead.

Us Magazine's Collector's Edition issue dedicated to The Host promises "three huge posters," stories from the set and information on the stars, among other things.

Phrases like "Hot Romance," "100+ Secrets!" and "Sexiest Hunks" - not to mention "The New Movie From the Creator of The Twilight Saga" at the top - seem to target the Twilight crowd, and given the author of the source material, and Twilight's popularity, that's not surprising. The center image of Saoirse Ronan's face forward with Max Irons facing down is also a bit reminiscent of a certain movie poster from a very popular 2008 vampire film. Factoring all of that, the cover likely won't do much to convince anyone who's drawn the wrong conclusion about this story from thinking this isn't Twilight with aliens.

The above said, this issue seems geared toward established fans of the novel and Stephenie Meyer fans in general, and in that regard, it looks like it's worth a look for those who are excited to see the film brought to the big screen. For those of us who are hopeful some great sci-fi and adventure from this film, the trailers and TV spots we've seen so far give me hope that Andrew Niccol's experience in the genre has been put to good use with this adaptation.

Set on earth after aliens have taken over most of the human population, The Host stars Ronan as a young woman whose body is taken over by an alien Soul named Wanderer. When Melanie refuses to abandon her mind, she and the occupying Soul begin to form a bond. Max Irons plays Jared, Melanie's boyfriend, and Jake Abel is Ian, the love interest to Wanderer. The cast also includes William Hurt as Melanie's Uncle Jeb and Diane Kruger as the Seeker, a Soul whose job it is to keep an eye on Wanderer.

The Host arrives in theaters March 29. More information on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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