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As Walt Disney Studios take the stage at Las Vegas CinemaCon to showcase a new trailer and a working print of Monsters University, the studio – along with Pixar Animation Studios – has announced the full voice casting for its Monsters prequel, letting fans know who to listen for alongside returning cast members Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi.

Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina, Dave Foley, Sean P. Hayes, Joel Murray, Peter Sohn, Charlie Day, Nathan Fillion, Bobby Moynihan, Julia Sweeney, Aubrey Plaza, Tyler Labine, John Krasinski, Bonnie Hunt, Beth Behrs and – of course – John Ratzenberger will be featured in Monsters University. The film is a prequel to Pete Docter’s 2001 comedy, taking audiences back to the early college days of Mike (Crystal) and Sulley (Goodman), where they met and learned to work together as a team.

But who will these high-profile actors be playing? We have Disney’s official character rundown, which we’ll list at the end of the article. It’s worth a scan. Recently, I was able to see a large chunk of Monsters University, while our own Eric Eisenberg has seen the recent cut at CinemaCon. You can read all about it here. What I can tell you is that I was hesitant about the need for a prequel to a movie that had such an amazing ending. However, the footage I screened and the facts I learned have fully convinced me that director Dan Scanlon will deliver another Pixar winner on June 21.

Here’s what we learned about the cast for Monsters University. More on the movie as the release date gets closer:

· Helen Mirren gives voice to Dean Hardscrabble, legendary Scarer and hard-to-please head of Monsters University’s prestigious School of Scaring.

· Alfred Molina is the voice of Professor Knight, an esteemed professor in Monsters University’s School of Scaring.

· Dave Foley as Terry Perry, the skeptical half of a bickering two-headed monster and dedicated Oozma Kappa (OK) brother.

· Sean P. Hayes gives voice to Terri Perry, the more sensitive side of a two-headed Oozma Kappa (OK) fraternity brother with Scaring aspirations.

· Joel Murray voices Don Carlton, a “mature” student at Monsters University and a founding member of the Oozma Kappa (OK) fraternity.

· Pixar’s Peter Sohn provides the voice of Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, an undeclared sophomore at Monsters University and Oozma Kappa (OK) fraternity member who still lives with his doting mother.

· Charlie Day provides the voice of the incomparable Art, an Oozma Kappa (OK) fraternity brother with a questionable past.

· Nathan Fillion portrays Johnny Worthington, the confident president of Roar Omega Roar (ROR), a Monsters University fraternity that prides itself on its notable Scarers.

· Bobby Moynihan helps bring to life Chet Alexander, a yes-monster member of the Roar Omega Roar (ROR) fraternity.

· Julia Sweeney lends her voice to Ms. Squibbles, indulgent mother to Monsters University sophomore Scott “Squishy” Squibbles.

· Aubrey Plaza gives voice to Claire Wheeler, the somber president of Monsters University’s Greek Council and emcee for the annual Scare Games.

· Tyler Labine was tapped to voice Brock Pearson, vice president of the Greek Council and enthusiastic emcee of the Scare Games.

· John Krasinski provides the voice of “Frightening” Frank McCay, a Scaring super star at Monsters, Inc.

· Bonnie Hunt was called on to provide the voice of young Mike Wazowski’s grade school teacher Karen Graves.

· Beth Behrs serves as the voice of Carrie Williams, fearless leader of the Python Nu Kappa (PNK) sorority.

· John Ratzenberger returns to the Pixar recording studio as the voice of a Monsters, Inc. employee.

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