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Hangover Part III Poster Goodman

The Hangover Part III promises to be a very different kind of movie than the previous two - most notably by not rehashing the bachelor party/forgotten night plotline - but there are some elements that will be carried over. One such element is the shadowy, intimidating figure portrayed by an A-list dramatic actor. In The Hangover Part II that part was played by Paul Giamatti, and, as seen on today's brand new character poster (courtesy of Total Film), this time around that role falls to John Goodman.

But while Giamatti's character wound up actually working for the good guys, turning out to be an undercover Interpol agent, watching the most recent trailer (which you can watch below) it is pretty apparent that Goodman will be playing an antagonist character. After all, he is responsible for kidnapping Doug (Justin Bartha) and sending the Wolf Pack (Zach Galffianakis, Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper) on a manhunt for Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong). I could be wrong, but those sound like the acts of a villain.

This is actually the second Hangover Part III character poster we've seen in as many days, with the doomed giraffe getting his own one-sheet yesterday. I wonder if this series will only be focusing on the new, minor characters, or if the main franchise stars will also be featured at some point.

The Hangover Part III will be going head-to-head with Fast and Furious 6 on Memorial Day weekend in May, one of the most interesting battlefields of the 2013 summer schedule.

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