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Bling Ring poster

Armed with lattes and sporting designer clothes and accessories, the characters of The Bling Ring sure do look sure of themselves as they walk toward us in the final poster for Sofia Coppola's feature adaptation of this true story. The poster has fashion moving forward and puts faces behind the sunglasses featured in the teaser poster we saw last month.

The Bling Ring stars Emma Watson, Israel Broussard, Katie Chang and Taissa Farmiga and centers on a group of teens who use the internet to track celebrities so they can break into their homes when they're out of town and loot their closets. The title is based on the media's name for this gang of thieving and well accessorized teenagers.

The recently released trailer for the film gives us a better look at the movie, including star Emma Watson, whose character seems particularly enthusiastic in her criminal endeavors, and just as willing to speak to the press when the whole story blows up.

The Bling Ring arrives in theaters June 14. In the meantime, those looking forward to the film (and all of the clothes featured in it) can visit the movie's official website, which not only features the trailer for the movie, but also includes stills from the film that show off some of the fashion. The site is set up like an online store. Got $1440 for a silk printed kimono? If so, you too could look as stylin' as Gavin Rossdale, who plays the role of Ricky in the movie. Of course, the only thing you can actually buy on the site, from what I can tell, is "free" wisdom (click "buy" in one of the item pages to see what I'm referring to).

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