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Whether you've been carefully avoiding spoilers for months or reveling in every single rumor about the villain's true identity and what happens to Captain Kirk, the time has finally come to talk about Star Trek Into Darkness with all the secrets out in the open. And this movie in particular is one you really want to talk about with spoilers, since J.J. Abrams and company worked hard to keep us from knowing much of anything before the movie opened-- and once you see it, you'll know there's a whole lot to discuss.

We've been writing about Trek a lot this week, both with spoilers and without, starting with our totally spoiler-free, very positive review, moving on to a rundown of everything we love about Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as an argument about why Cumberbatch will never be a true leading man. Katey worked to get Mack on board the Enterprise with his first-ever viewing of Star Trek, Sean explained why Trek and other big blockbusters are opening overseas first these days, and Katey and Sean dug deep into spoilers to ask themselves if J.J. Abrams' big mystery box approach to filmmaking is actually worth it. Finally, we've got the To 3D or Not To 3D rundown, to help you buy the right ticket when it comes time to actually go to the movies.

Now it's your turn. Hop into the comments section to tell us why you loved Star Trek Into Darkness or hated it, what you thought of Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain, how Chris Pine and the rest have grown into their roles, how much the lens flares are driving you crazy, and anything else on your mind. This is your forum! Get the conversation started by voting in the poll below, and have at it.

How Would You Rate Star Trek Into Darkness?

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