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Lynn Shelton makes small, intimate movies about ordinary people… but don't mistake her for your average indie filmmaker. Every one of Shelton's movie has room for a touch of the strange, whether it's two straight guys dead set on making a gay porn together in Humpday, a guy accidentally sleeping with his best friend's lesbian sister in Your Sister's Sister, or a masseuse who suddenly, inexplicably, can't stand touching people.

That's the first of many odd, magical things that happen in Shelton's new film Touchy Feely, and we're thrilled to be exclusively premiering the poster for it that you see above (click to see an even larger version). After premiering in January at the Sundance Film Festival, Touchy Feely is making its way to theaters on September 6, and will be available even earlier than that on VOD and On Demand starting August 1. Touchy Feely reunites Shelton with Your Sister's Sister star Rosemarie DeWitt, playing the aforementioned massage therapist whose life changes quite a bit when she can no longer do the one thing her job requires: touching people. Her story is contrasted with her brother Paul (Josh Pais), a nebbish dentist who is suddenly credited with the ability to heal peoples' pain-- something his daughter Jenny (Ellen Page) encourages simply as a way to help break him out of his shell.

Allison Janney, Scoot McNairy, Ron Livingston and Tomo Nakayama-- a Seattle musician who has a show-stopping song near the end of the film-- round out the cast of Touchy Feely, a typically heartfelt and completely unique effort from Shelton that also serves as a love letter to her hometown of Seattle. Catch it on VOD starting in August.

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