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This Is The End assembles a large cast of famous people, and then does exactly what you might do if you had a bunch of famous people locked in a room together: mocks them ruthlessly. Seth Rogen and his co-director Evan Goldberg collected their famous buddies and somehow convinced all of them to play themselves, which left room for a million in-jokes at the expense of nearly every movie the guys have made. Before you get the chance to mock them about the idea of a Pineapple Express 2 or James Franco hanging on to the camera from 127 Hours, believe us, they've made it first.

In fact, this crew of guys has worked together so many times that it can be a little tricky to realize which jokes they're making or just how deep the connections among them go. So we were inspired to get a little Beautiful Mind and map out all the connections, figuring out how many times all of the main cast members have worked together. Find out which surprising films unite nearly all of them, just how much of the cast was in Knocked Up, and which cast members have, surprisingly enough, only worked together once before. We did the crazy research, and now you get to enjoy the moderately insane fruits of our labor.

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