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After reviving the Star Trek franchise with a critically adored reboot in 2009, J.J. Abrams earned plenty of grumbles from critic and fans alike with his thinly-veiled remake of a certain prior Enterprise movie with Star Trek Into Darkness. And if you were among the old-school Trekkies furious at these seeminlyg half-baked re-imaginings from screenwriting team Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtman, you might be happy to hear rumors are surfacing that new writers will be brought into fold on the inevitable Star Trek 3.

Badass Digest reports that screenwriters Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz are being eyed to pen the third installment of this rebooted sci-fi franchise. Together the pair might be best known for contributing to superhero scripts like Thor and X-Men: First Class. So, we can safely assume they have a solid base for scripting the kind of out of this world action sequences a Star Trek movie demands. Also, both have worked with Star Trek creation Gene Roddenberry as staff writers on his 200s space saga Andromeda.Plus, they have history with Abrams' production company Bad Robot, having pulled double duty as writers and producers on the television series Fringe.

That cult-adored mystery show was co-created by Abrams, Kurtzman and Orci, with the last two of that group said to be in favor of bringing Miller and Stentz into the Star Trek fold. It’s too soon to assume Kurtzman and Orci won’t be involved in the screenplay’s development, as no deal has been inked, and they may wind up with screenplay credits or just exerting influence as producers. It’s just too soon to say right now. Still, it’s promising to hear some fresh blood and potentially fresh ideas are being eyed. Curiously, no mention is made on whether or not Kurtzman and Orci’s Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer Damon Lindelof is being asked to return.

Back before this second entry opened, the outspoken and polarizing science-fiction screenwriter was dropping hints about where a third film might go. With Star Trek Into Darkness introducing Klingons and their war-prone tendencies, he hinted that Kirk and company’s next adventure could deal with a “larger conflict on the horizon” with this pugnacious alien race. Even if Lindelof is not signed on for Star Trek 3, it seems a solid bet to assume we’d see more Klingons, as the last film set them up pretty nicely. And if the film series’ star Zachary Quinto’s estimation that Star Trek 3 will shoot next year proves right, we could be hearing more details on the sequel soon. These may--but probably will not--include an announcement that despite his very busy Star Wars: Episode VII schedule, Abrams is back on board the Enterprise for one more lens-flared dabbled spin around the galaxy.

Star Trek 3 is expected to hit theaters in 2016 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the space-traveling franchise's creation.

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