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Ender's Game Mondo Poster Regular

If you've been keeping track of Mondo these days, you know they've been showcasing Universal monsters with some pretty outstanding limited edition prints, but the latest poster to unveil for the site is for a more current film. With Ender's Game set to arrive in theaters in a matter of weeks, the timing seems right for a Mondo poster to celebrate the anticipated sci-fi film, and artist Martin Ansin has delivered. The above poster is the "regular" version and below is the "variant."

Ender's Game Mondo Poster Variant

The poster shows us the titular Ender Wiggin at the center, suited up in his flash suit and looking ready for the zero gravity battle room. Set over and around Ender are his allies. It looks like that's Hailee Steinfeld as Petra over there on the right, set above Viola Davis, who plays Gwen Anderson. And on the left, we have the stern faces of Harrison Ford (playing Colonel Graff) and Ben Kingsley (Mazer Rackham). At the center, we can see the silhouetted images of Ender and his friend Petra (Hailee Steinfeld) standing at the entrance to the battle room. It's an image that should be familiar if you've seen this still:

Ender and Petra

And the poster images appear to be set over the Ice Battle scene we've seen previewed in the TV spots, and most recently, one of the new clips:

As for when and where you can get the poster, will have it available for sale on October 24. Follow @MondoNews for the exact time of the sale. And keep in mind, they're limited edition, so you'll probably have to be quick if you want to grab one:
Artist - Martin Ansin
24" x 36" Screenprint, Edition of 340, $50

Artist - Martin Ansin
24" x 36" Screenprint, Edition of 160, $75

You can check out more of Martin Ansin's excellent movie-inspired art here.

Ender's Game arrives in theaters November 1.

Ender battle room

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