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Scott Waugh's Need for Speed won't hit theaters until March 14th of next year, but apparently DreamWorks, who backed that action feature, is pleased by what he's accomplished so far. While Waugh is in postproduction on the high-speed thriller, DreamWorks has brought him to the table for an untitled international heist project. THR reports Waugh is in negotiations for the unnamed picture that will be produced by Steve Zallian under his Film Rites banner, while DreamWorks' Garrett Basch will produce.

Specifics on the plot are being kept under wraps at present, but THR has learned it is based on an original idea by Underworld: Awakening scribe John Hlavin. However, Hlavin hasn't written the screenplay for this nameless thriller. That honor went to Scott Rosenberg, who has penned such underappreciated gems as Con Air and Beautiful Girls. The story is said to center on a man who is forced to take on a seemingly insane heist. Joining him on this wild ride is his "off the rails" brother. At this time, it's unknown who DreamWorks, Zallian or Waugh might have in mind for these roles.

Waugh's a filmmaker on the rise. In 2012, he made his narrative directorial debut alongside co-helmer Mike McCoy with the Navy SEALs thriller Act of Valor. McCoy and Waugh, who call themselves the Bandito Brothers, earned mostly scorn from critics with their earnest actioner, but audiences rallied around the $12 million pic to the tune of $70 million domestic. Following the surprising success of Act of Valor, Waugh broke from his brother for a bit to tackle Need for Speed for DreamWorks.

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul stars as street racer whose been recently sprung from prison, and sets his eye on revenge as he sets out on a cross country race. Michael Keaton, Dominic Cooper, and Imogen Poots co-star.

At first glance, Waugh might seem like one of those directors who has the incredible luck of being an overnight success. But as is far more likely in this industry, he paid his dues in a far less glamorous side of filmmaking for decades before breaking into directing. See, Waugh has been a stuntman since the 1980s. He's done stunts in such big name action films as Speed, Escape from L.A., Spider-Man and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

With this as his background, it's easy to see how his skills have translated into directing action movies. But will his career continue to flourish if he doesn't get critics on his side? We'll see when Need for Speed hits theaters. For better or worse, the pic will have a lot to live up to as just about any movie out there now with car chases will inevitably compared to the outlandish and awesome insanity of Justin Lin's Fast and Furious movies.

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