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The World’s End starts as the tale of a desperate, middle-aged alcoholic who wants nothing more than to head to his hometown to relive his high school glory days, during which he and his friends almost made it through a lengthy pub crawl ending at the titular World’s End pub. The crawl begins as a begrudging reunion of a bunch of men who are no longer friendly, but when Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are involved, fans are in for something a little spookier and more spectacular. In this case, as the night wears on, the former friends determine there is something more sinister afoot.

Initially, it takes some time for Gary King (Pegg) to get his friends back together. A combination of wheedling, begging, and other conniving gets Andy (Frost), Steven (Paddy Considine), O-Man (Martin Freeman), and Peter (Eddie Marsan) into his eighties era car to cart them to the town of Newton Haven, where they will slog their way through 12 pubs. It’s clear from the beginning that Gary hasn’t moved forward into adulthood, despite the fact he’s technically there in years. He’s still drinking like a fish, wearing the band t-shirts he favored in his youth, and even listening to the same mixtapes his friends gave him in high school. He envisions the return to Newton Haven as a life-affirming journey, but things start to go awry nearly immediately.

Gary’s a well-drawn character, a man tinged with sadness who is looking to relive his past. His friends have all moved on without him, gotten respectable jobs, bought houses, had families, etc. However, when the gang determines that the town of Newton Haven has been taken over, it is Gary who is forced to face his past and the person he has become, and maybe save a few friends in the process, including a girl he has a rather strange past with named Sam (Rosamund Pike).

The World’s End is the third film in Wright’s Cornetto trilogy, and as such, it features a lot of the humor and signature action sequences we’ve come to expect from the director’s work. If you’ve never been a fan of his penchant for extended and video game-worthy fight sequences, there are still a lot of those in The World’s End that occasionally mar an otherwise wacky and enjoyable movie. Still, it’s a small complaint, and if you want to enter a world where "robot" is a curse word and humanity is not what it seems, The World’s End is the perfect popcorn flick for a weekend viewing.

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Best Special Feature: Comedies often sport some amusing bonus features, but there are more features than usual with Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s Blu-ray release. The extras can be split into two basic types: footage from behind-the-scenes during the shooting of the film, which includes things like out-takes, "Stunt Tapes," and "Rehearsal Footage," and featurettes with the cast and crew discussing the film, like the audio commentary and the "Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy Extra."

Of these, the out-takes are among the most amusing segments, but if you are more into the most informative aspects of Wright, Pegg, and Frost’s work, the "Completing the Golden Mile: The Making of The World’s End" extra is probably the best thing on the disc. It’s extremely lengthy, and while it does feature some of the same information that can be found in a few of the shorter segments on the disc, it’s still a interesting watch.

Other Special Features:
Deleted Scene
Alternate Edits
"Director at Work" Featurettes
"Pegg + Frost = Fried Gold" Featurette
"Friends Reunited" Featurette
"Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy" Featurette
"Filling in the Blanks: The Stunts and FX of The World’s End" "Animatics"
"Hair and Make-Up Tests"
"Rehearsal Footage"
"Stunt Tapes"
"VFX Breakdown"
"Bits & Pieces" "There’s Only One Gary King –Osymyso’s Inibri-8 Megamix"
"Signs & Omens"
"Edgar & Simon’s Flip Charts"
Trailers and TV Spots
Feature Commentary with Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg

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