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Those involved with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire can officially exhale. Thanks to good reviews, good buzz and very popular source material, we’ve known the film would be a pretty huge hit for awhile now, but still, there’s nothing quite like actually seeing the money roll in to ease any remaining nerves.

More accurate estimations will emerge tomorrow, but for the time being, rough totals predict Catching Fire will bring home between one hundred and fifty and one hundred and fifty-five million dollars this weekend. That’s about what round one opened to back in 2012, and to shade it in a better light, it should place it as the highest grossing weekend ever in November. It will also be more than ten times greater than Thor: The Dark World, which seems poised to finish in second this weekend, as per Deadline.

The superhero sequel is in its third weekend and should gross between fourteen and fifteen million. That total is hardly going to turn any heads, but for a third time at bat, that’s actually pretty damn good. More importantly, it will bring the film’s overall domestic total to more than one hundred and sixty-five million dollars. Combined with gigantic foreign grosses, that’s more than enough to call the film an unqualified success and should be more than enough to position the franchise for another sequel within the next several years.

For the second weekend in a row, The Best Man Holiday continued to surprise in the best way possible. The film, made on a modest seventeen million dollar budget, is expected to gross an additional thirteen million or so this weekend. If so, that will take its domestic total past fifty million dollars with every reason to think the money train will continue rolling for at least a few more weekends afterwards too.

As for everything else, the drawers were pretty empty this time around. Vince Vaughn continued his downward slide with Delivery Man. His newest comedy won’t even come close to breaking ten million this weekend, and Free Birds seems poised to continue its meh-ness. If all goes well, it’ll narrowly break five million.

Check back tomorrow night for a full update of the top ten movies for the weekend, as well as some analysis.

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